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May, 3rd 2009
Counting the Fearthers on the Bird I've Got
April, 29th 2009
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Looking for earlier Shenachie columns?
Check out the Archives

The Celtic knot is emblematic of the nature of the ancient people inhabiting Ireland 500+ years before the Christian Era. Made of silver, a malléable metal, suited to artistic expression, there is no discernable beginning nor end. This parallels the teachings of nature is that all is changing in form and perception. The Web of Life is reflected in its form: what effects/affects one juncture, resonates though the whole. It em-braces eleven mysterious vacancies which give both openness and reason to inquire what power brings form to life. This gracious piece of metal art was made for me by my Grandson, Aaron, who created this website. Click on the knot below to view more of his work.
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